Itinera – Paving New Ways

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The Itinera Institute sounds the alarm. The clock is ticking; we have no time to lose. The Itinera Institute serves the common interest and thinks of the future for the next generations. We should not let them bear the full burden of an ageing population and a soaring public debt. The future should hold a high level of prosperity and protection for all. The Itinera Institute thinks long-term. We must not resort to makeshift measures: structural problems require structural remedies. From this long-term perspective, we make concrete proposals to address also short-term problems. The Itinera Institute identifies both opportunities and priorities. The threats which our society is facing are often also opportunities for growth. We believe in the future; and that future is ours to make. The Itinera Institute analyses the successful reforms in other countries and “translates” them to the Belgian context. We do not pretend to have a monopoly of wisdom. The Itinera Institute cranks up the societal debate.

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